Napalm Death Is Better Than Shadow of Intent (Ben Duerr Called Me A Sweaty Nerd)

by In Snakes I Bathe

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Single from the upcoming self-titled EP

There is quite a bit of backstory to the title of this track.

There was a post in a facebook group along the lines of "name a better vocalist than Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, you can't" and Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent vocalist) commented on this saying "check out my band, vocals are way more brutal" or something like that and this claim came across very arrogant (not to mention flat out wrong. Nobody is better than Napalm Death) and then the phrase "Napalm Death is better than Shadow of Intent" became a meme of sorts. Fast forward a few months and Ben Duerr was arguing with someone who brought up the Napalm Death/Shadow of Intent meme and soon after that my name was brought up and Ben Duerr called me "a sweaty nerd"


released July 12, 2017



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